Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Conduit 2 is on its way...

Sega Channels Conduit 2 To Wii This Fall - The Conduit - Kotaku

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I catually just started playing the original Conduit about 2 weeks ago.  I have a ways to go in it still but I have to admit, I have put more time into this one right off the bad than most other games that I have played on the Wii.  The controls are fantastic, very responsive like you would want in a first person shooter.  Its visually a great game as well, they really pushed the limit beyond what most other developers were willing to do and it shows.  I would say pick it up for sure.

But to get myself back on track here, the news is that there is a sequel in the works and I couldn't be happier to hear it.  In this case it sounds like they went back and added the one feature I was disappointed to find missing from the first...4 person split screen!  And beyond that they are taking the action outside of D.C.  Which should allow for a lot more new environments to play in, and hopefully some new levels to run around when you jump online to play with gamers from all over the world.

Hopefully the original will continue to build a following and the sequel will get even more support than the first.  We need to see more games like this for the Wii.  It really is an amazing console and really lends itself well to FPS titles like this.  Hope to see you on soon.

The above image is a shot just released from the new game.

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