Saturday, April 3, 2010

It it isn't working well for Titans, will it work for Star Wars?

Movie Talk: Critics Clash Over Value of 3D 'Titans'

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I hate to be the kind of person that says I told you so, but I have always felt personally that 3D movies are very gimicky.  Really I can't think of many people that go to a movie thinking: "Lets go watch something that would be just as good in 2D, pay more for it, and hopefully we leave with a headache too!"  Now I have to admit I saw Avatar, and it was fantastic.  But it was shot specifically for 3D and did not have to be converted so my experience was a lot of fun.  I did still get the headache and my eyes felt funny through the entire movie and for a bit afterward, but it was a cool experience.

My concern here is that you will start to see movies re-released now that were not made for 3D, but can be converted over now with the amazing technology that we have now.  Star Wars is probably the example that worries me most.  Now there is a lot of potential there to use that tech to make an amazing film even better and give viewers an entirely new experience.  I really don't think George would release an inferior product.  And I am certain that he will have the help of some of the greatest minds in the film industry to make it the best conversion possible.  But I guess only time will tell.

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